Online Examination and Assessment Solution

EDExams Limited specializes in the development of software specifically for the delivery of examinations and assessments using a locked down and secure application.
The platform is designed to support all examination and assessment methods. We cater to all types of qualifications regulated by Ofqual and more. The platform supports various marking processes, moderation and standardization.

EDExams manages the complete life cycle of learner registration through to delivery to the final award/certification.

Who We Help

Awarding organization's
Extend the national and international reach of your certification programs and simplify exam logistics by moving assessments online. With the flexibility and convenience of the platform, you maintain security and integrity.

Measure training effectiveness, assess the capabilities and knowledge of your teams, run certification programs for employees and partners or run tests for recruiting new staff.

Educational Bodies
Reach beyond the exam hall with EDExams to improve exam quality and efficiency. Whether it's faculty exams, formative assessment or distance education.

Assess applicants to ensure the right people are in the right positions.

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