3rd Party Proctoring

3rd Party Proctoring

Online proctoring, on your terms.

Keep your existing exam software and whilst EDExams 3rd Party proctoring app records and invigilates your candidates.

EDExams 3rd party proctoring App works on a wide range of existing examination and testing software. The application is a desk top application that proctors over the top of your existing software.

Implement online exam proctoring at scale

As the modern alternative to traditional test monitoring, EDExams proctoring allows test takers to be supervised via a webcam, a microphone, and screen access. We add deep video analysis to offer you non-intrusive, scalable, and cost-efficient proctoring solutions.

Resolving key proctoring challenges with automation

Eliminate cheating

Remote proctoring software drastically improves the quality of exam monitoring by removing the possibility of human error. Every test taker is closely monitored throughout the entire exam and any sign of aberrant behavior leads to the session being red-flagged immediately.

Enhance the user experience

With automation, you can provide test-takers with a convenient and accessible proctoring experience. The lack of location and scheduling constraints and the non-intrusive nature of automated proctoring will encourage users to keep coming back to your service.

Boost capacity

Scale your business easily by serving any number of test-takers simultaneously at no additional cost. Improve the efficiency of human labor by involving live proctors to review cases of suspicious behavior.

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