Awarding Organisations

Awarding Organisations

How We Help Awarding Organisations - EDExams helps Awarding Organisations all over the world move to a digital examination and assessment solution.

Create simple or very complex items and assessments, opening new horizons in testing.

Bring your assessments into the digital age with EDExams

EDExams is a web-based application for the digital design and delivery of summative and formative assessments and examinations for educational institutions and awarding organizations. EDExams enables awarding organizations to take a 21st Century approach to electronic testing with simulative, interactive, collaborative and game-like instruments in task-oriented and problem-solving scenarios, providing unlimited test possibilities for authors, educators, and psychometricians.

EDExams helps awarding organizations around the world move to digital assessment. Whether you are looking to move to e-marking of paper exams, where your examiners can mark scanned scripts on-screen, or design and deliver your exams online, we have a solution for you.


Create Better Assessments 

EDExams is the next generation in e-Assessment. Cloud-based, easy to use, reliable and always upto date.


Things you’ll love…

Truly innovative features

We get excited by the technology we can use at EDExams. For example, our system has the ability to lock down the learners screen using application technology. You’ll be amazed by some of things you can do with the EDExams Platform.

Transparent Pricing

Fed up with complex pricing structures? At EDExams, we do things differently. Our simple pricing structure is based on a per user or a per test model. That includes hosting, upgrades and support. Can’t say fairer than that can we?

Unlimited scalability

Small, Large, Or starting small with big ideas at EDExams, size doesn’t matter. Deliver e-Assessment to as many users as you want, when you want, where you want. 

Platform independent

EDExams can be white labelled to your companies specific requirements. Giving you all the flexability you need to deliver world beating assessments. 

Easy authoring

Interactive and intuitive process for creating test items and test building makes authoring, designing and publishing your assessments easy.


With more than 30 item types, ranging from simple to very complex, customisable meta data structures and workflow, test creators have near unlimited possibilities.


A secure and reliable web-based application, provided as a cloud solution, ensures the integrity and scalability of your assessments.


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