Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement

Our Business Continuity Update

Since the early news of the outbreak, we have been continually re-evaluating, testing and updating our business continuity plans to ensure they are comprehensive, robust and fit for purpose.

We have also been very actively retesting both the processes and the infrastructure that is required to provide EDExams to all our customers.

Given the above, we want to provide our customers with the reassurance that our service will continue uninterrupted throughout the uncertainty ahead.

We have been monitoring the situation as it develops and taking guidance from the health organisations and authorities to ensure that we protect both our valuable staff and our service. To that end, we have ensured that all staff are able to work securely from home.

Our aim is to provide a normal service during these abnormal times. We also want to support you in continuing your work. EDExams provides a great deal of functionality which allows flexible working for you and your candidates particularly when combined with our remote proctoring capabilities.

I sincerely hope you and your families remain safe and healthy during these challenging times.

If EDExams can assist in any way please do not hesitiate to contact our customer service team who will be happy to assist.


Sam Warnes 

Managing Director EDExams Ltd and all the EDExams Team 

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