Why EDExams

Customer Experience

EDExams was created for the awarding organisation NOCN to deliver their functional skills qualifications in Maths and English on a secure and locked down desktop application that does not require internet connection. This was built on a scenario involving HMS Raleigh, whereby the application was installed into their system securely.

The specifications and requirements were mapped out and EDExams was created. The platform has evolved to the direct specification of NOCN and how they wanted the platform to function and look. This has been an on-going project with EDExams and NOCN having a good and sustained relationship for over two years. We have supported the changes in their ideas, needs and requirements and will keep on doing so to make the platform work for themselves, the centres and the learners.

The implementation of the system has been successful, as we thoroughly believe in testing all developments fully before they are put live to the clients, making sure we keep you and your customers fully updated with any changes or developments made on the system. EDExams is pivotal in its implementation process, making onsite visits to demonstrate the system to clients and being available for online training sessions to centres and learners, creating a customer service centre dedicated to NOCN and the centres. We believe communication and maintaining an open and honest relationship throughout has built a successful platform. NOCN came to us to advise that Ofqual required a view of any online system they will be using for the new functional skills reform papers. The challenge we have had with this was the paper for maths was split into two timed sections with the use of a calculator only for one part. This meant changing the coding at the very core of system. Within 10 days the development was complete at no cost to NOCN as the functionality was required for the platform to continue to be used. We supplied a secure web page link highlighting the learner interface of the new reform papers including the splitting of the papers.

EDExams due to its nature is an item which requires both checking on issues and undertaking updates in line with you the client and the user’s needs while maintaining the security and continuity of use. 

We look to see any issues as being top priority and believe in getting to the bottom of the issue and resolving this to the best of our ability in the shortest time frame. If more training is required we provide it, if training manuals are required to be changed due to changes we provide them, if developments are required we provide them. We offer a 5 day a week dedicated call centre to assist centres and NOCN with issues has they have arisen. Each issue is resolved by the person it is reported to and logged. EDExams had a dedicated operations manager attached to each client that will oversee and resolve any issues including out of hours support.


The relationship we have with NOCN is one we hope to achieve with all our clients. We believe in what we have to offer and what we have developed and will do our very best to make sure the relationships with our customers a partnership.  

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