Why EDExams

Customer Experience

The customer is at the very forefront of everything we do. We do not shape our business our customers do. 

EDExams was created when a leading awarding organisation had a need to deliver their functional skills qualifications online. 

The specifications and requirements were mapped out and EDExams was created. The platform has evolved to the direct specification of the awarding organisation and their requirements of how the wanted the platform to function and look. This has been an on-going project with EDExams and the awarding organisation, having a good and sustained relationship for over four years. We have supported the changes in their ideas, needs and requirements and will keep on doing so to make the platform work for themselves, the centres and the learners.

The implementation of the system has been successful, as we thoroughly believe in testing all developments fully before they are put live to the clients, making sure we keep you and your customers fully updated with any changes or developments made on the system. EDExams is pivotal in its implementation process, making onsite visits to demonstrate the system to clients and being available for online training sessions to centres and learners, creating a customer service centre dedicated to NOCN and the centres. We believe communication and maintaining an open and honest relationship throughout has built a successful platform.  

EDExams due to its nature is an item which requires both checking on issues and undertaking updates in line with you the client and the user’s needs while maintaining the security and continuity of use. 


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