Customer Service

Customer Service

EDExams prides itself on delivering the best customer service to all our clients.

Our customer service team are trained on all aspects on the system and delivery. We offer a customer service package that includes the client and their customers.

All clients are allocated a service delivery manager to make sure the implementation and delivery of EDExams is actioned promptly and correctly.

Our customer service team are available from 9.00 - 17.00 Monday to Friday.


Telephone: 01909 776 917

What EDExams will provide:

EDExams will provide training and product knowledge for all centres and centre staff, all 1st line support.

EDExams Ltd will provide 1st line technical support to staff and 1st line technical support for centres. 

EDExams Ltd Support Details


Telephone: 01909 776 917

Monday to Friday, 0900 – 1700 (Excluding all official English and Welsh bank holidays)

BLACKOUT DAYS – Public holidays

The following service response times are guaranteed  for issues raised through the our support telephone number. 

Resolution procedures


  • Within 4 hours: Resolution, or response advising probable time to resolution of issue.


  • 98% of calls to EDExams Ltd Service Desk answered in person
  • 1 Hour response to voicemail within working hours

N.B. a call at 4pm Friday may not receive a response till Monday midday (per stated hours 0900 – 1700)

EDExams Ltd Support of Centre staff

EDExams training materials to all centre staff before granting them access to the system. 

It is a requirement of all trials that all centres must successfully complete a practice test prior to trialling the exam papers.  It is also strongly recommended that centres complete a trial test as part of the accreditation as a centre able to offer e-Assessment.

EDExams Ltd Support of Authors developing assessments using Content Producer.

EDExams Ltd will provide first line technical support to all trained authors using Content Producer.










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