EDExams Online Invigilation Services - Privacy Policy

EDExams Online Invigilation Services - Privacy Policy

EDExams Online Invigilation Services - Privacy Policy

If we, a customer, offer you (as a candidate) a test/examination through the online invigilation platform that EDExams provides and if you choose to take such test/examination through the platform, you agree that you are being monitored over the Internet through your computer via your webcam and microphone during your exam session.


Online invigilation means that you will log on to a test platform through the internet to take your assessment and you will be monitored, in real-time, during your entire assessment session so that your face, voice, desk, and workspace will be captured and a recording will be made of these for the purposes of assessment security and the integrity of the assessment process.


It is your responsibility to ensure that only you will be recorded during an online invigilation testing session and that no one else will be physically in the room where you are testing and that no one speaks to you during your testing sessions.


 If you use the online invigilation service to take assessments, EDExams may also collect and record further information about you when you take the exam which is online invigilated, such as your name, email address, captured facial photo, captured ID photo/government-issued ID, physical (visible) health data/condition (by virtue of video recording), racial/ethnic origin/religious beliefs (by virtue of video recording), IP address, browser agents, browser and operating system identifiers, screenshots of your PC, your exam setting (home, office, etc), all recorded video streams (computer, webcam and mobile), name of the exam you are sitting and other assessment-based data that may be collected, including information about browser version, appVersion, appName, product and appCodeName, video frame size, type and library used for encoding, framerate, jitter, packet loss and bandwidth.


The video and audio recordings are standard test procedures for all awarding organisations’ online invigilated tests and your video and audio recording will be used for purposes of identity verification, online observation, an incident resolution such as fraud prevention, test security, and the integrity of the test and testing process.


All of the same personal data that EDExams collect or receive as described. Prior to the start of your online invigilated test, you may be required to take a picture of yourself. The collection of such data is optional, but necessary if you choose to use the online invigilation function.


You understand that the audio and video-tapes of your testing sessions, as well as photos, will be supplied in certain circumstances to your awarding organisation, to assist with the management of your test. EDExams will retain your personal data no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which it is processed. The length of time for which EDExams retain information may also depend on the specific retention periods set out by the awarding organisation and applicable laws.


As part of the online invigilation services you also agree to allow your personal data to be transferred by EDExams to the Awarding Organisation, from whom you seek certification. We require your personal data so that tests can be correctly administered, and certification can be processed, granted and Issue 1: September 2020 administered. Awarding Organisations will hold recordings of examinations for 6 months. We may keep this data for longer if your examination is subject to a malpractice investigation. The recording will be deleted once the investigation is complete. For more information about how EDExams, may collect and use your personal data we encourage you to review our full privacy policy at https://www.edexams.com/privacy .

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