EDExams is the latest development from the EDLounge Group, providing a platform for online assessments. EDExams was registered in February 2016, after a leading awarding organisation approached EDLounge to produce an online examination and assessment solution to enable the delivery of functional skills in Maths and English.

EDLounge LTD itself was created in 2008 and has over a decade of experience developing and managing online educational solutions for a range of educational establishments including; awarding organisations, schools, academies, councils and Alternate Provisions across the country and oversees. EDLounge as a platform was created for distance learning, with an aim to develop learner’s knowledge in Maths, English, Science and Work skills. Since then EDLounge has grown and developed into numerous avenues and has had great success.

For Over 10 years EDLounge has grown its wealth of knowledge, resource and expertise to the point where we are proud to be a part of the Governments Flexible Learning Fund. In the spring 2017 Budget, the Government committed to exploring ambitious new approaches to encouraging lifelong learning. £40M was allocated in the spring 2017 Budget for pilots aimed at helping adults progress in employment or enter new occupations through re-skilling or up-skilling. EDLounge’s Virtual Education is one of the 32 innovative providers to successfully secure a place in the bid. EDElounge has been finalist for BETT for 3 consecutive years.

Additional companies created by the development team at EDLounge Ltd:

PE Office LTD - PE Office VLE is a knowledge bank of unique and essential resources for PE departments, coaches, sports leaders and anyone involved in Sport. Their virtual platform includes a comprehensive assessment framework: video and performance analysis software; a virtual classroom with resource building facilities.

EDQualifications LTD - EDQuals is the ultimate platform for submitting, marking, administrating and verifying coursework for adult learners, Apprenticeships, Traineeships or those in FE or HE, as well as being a virtual learning platform for flexible distance learning.

EDArcade LTD – primary based gaming environment for PSHE, British Values, PREVENT, English, Maths and Science

Purple Turtle-EPA –is a bespoke design purposely built to act as a platform for end point assessments to take place. The system manages a learner’s entire EPA journey, allowing a basis for exams, coursework, live assessments and observations all to take place in one platform.

 EDLounge has developed educational platforms in order to deliver an online alternative for our customers. EDLounge was approached by a leading awarding organisation to assist them in building a platform that can deliver assessments online in a safe and secure way. The challenge was accepted and over the last two years we have achieved a platform that has exceeded their specifications. This has been created by pulling all of our knowledge and understanding of education and assessments together to build EDExams. All of our platforms are built with and by the same design and technical team meaning any feature available can be delivered across all platforms.

The EDLounge Group was set up by Managing Director and Creator Sam Warnes. Sam has been behind the creation and design of all the platforms and strives to make them innovative and ahead of their time. We are an owner lead business therefore we are fast moving, flexible and reactive in our approach to all our customers’ needs and requirements.  

 Ian Hargreaves Director and Senior manager has been with EDLounge from the very beginning. Sam and Ian are university friends and this has carried through to the building of EDLounge and other businesses within the group.

EDExams Product Development Manager Lee Bell has been involved in the building and development of all of our current platforms for the last 8 years.

Sue Bridgeman Business and Operations Manager and has been with EDExams for 18 months bought in to drive EDExams forward and assist in the implementation of the EDExams system for new customers, Sue was selected for the role based upon her past knowledge and experience in operational and project management solutions.

A key component that has guided the production of the EDExams platform has been that ‘there cannot be any advantage or disadvantage whether taking an exam online or on paper’. This has guided every decision EDExams have made in terms of the functionality, layout and performance of the platform, primarily focused on the learner and their experience, with the system designed to support on and off-line assessments.


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