Mark Anytime Anywhere With EDExams

  • Mark Anything

    EDExams provides the flexibility to ‘human mark’ examinations and assessments.  It can accommodate both long and short answer responses as well as allowing markers to input marks.

  • Mark by Candidate or Question

    Markers can switch between ‘mark by candidate’ and ‘mark by question’, depending on their preference. The system also increases efficiency with papers been assigned to the markers with the most relevant topic expertise.

  • Feature Rich Marking

    Questions can be annotated so that good/weak practice is noted, helping to steer the final mark awarded. 

Quality Control

Once a paper is marked and submitted by a marker the paper isthen sent to a principle examiner for approval.

  • Standardisation

    We understand that it’s essential to standardise markers against definitively marked responses before live marking preparation. Practice marking modes allow for appropriate examiner preparation and ensure standardised marking practice.

  • Principle Examiner Feature


Administrator Tools

  • Complete Session Management

    By Using EDExams, administrators can efficiently plan, track and manage users and roles.

  • Team Management

    The platform allows to management and support markers completely online. This means that team leaders can view marking progress at any time, communicate with markers and resolve any marking issues.

Comprehensive Reporting

  • Management Information

    Assessor reports to monitor management information, including marking speed, progress against plan and established targets and allows drill-down to component or examiner level to identify issues.

  • Marking Quality

    EDExams offers a wide array of reports, including marking reports, which can be run at any time to track marking.


Multi-lingual, Multi-platform

  • Globally Available

  • A Choice of Platform and Device

  • Localised User Interface

  • Secure Acces


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