Proctoring FAQ's

Proctoring FAQ's

Thinking of using Remote Invigilation but not sure where to start?

This depends on a few things, such as how many tests you intend to deliver, and whether you will need time to transfer your exams from a paper to on-screen format. With our customer servive and technical team on hand to supprt you through every aspect of your EDExams journey we aim to get all clients up and running with their accounts in 72 hours. Our dedicated customer service and technical team will transfer all material on to the EDExams platform or convert paper papers on to an online format.

What is remote invigilation?

Remote invigilation (sometimes referred to as ‘online proctoring’ or ‘eproctoring’) is the observation of a candidate through audio and visual links over the internet whilst conducting their examination, meaning candidates can securely sit their exam in a convenient location such as the home or workplace, without the risk of malpractice or compromising item security. Remote invigilation can be live, or using a ‘record and review’ solution.

Who provides the invigilators?

EDExams can manage all your invigilation requirements from live invigilation to record and review. EDExams follows strict internal Goverance procedures for all live invigilated examinations following the guidelines of JCQ. We have a JCQ expert onsite to quality check and assure examinations and invigilation practices. We provide a comprehensive invigilation report on each individual candidate and the cohort as a whole. Any flagged examinations for review will be sent to the customer before a mark/grade is allocated. 

What happens if your invigilators suspect malpractice?

We can customise invigilation guidelines to the requirements of your organisation or follow our own internal invigilation protocols. Some organisations prefer our invigilators to just note the time and nature of the suspected incident so it can be reviewed by themselves afterward. Others prefer our invigilators to provide candidates with warnings, and in the event of repeated incidents of suspected malpractice to either void the exam or notify the organisation for their recommendation on how to proceed. We follow strict guidelines and internal quality assurance procedures. All our invigilators are exam professionals.

What is ‘record and review’?

Record and review allows you and your team of invigilators (or those supplied by EDExams as a part of your service) to watch recordings of exams taken through the EDEXams Invigilation Service at a range of speeds, and mark suspicious activity for a detailed review by senior examiners. We recommend playing back exams at around 6X speed, as this has actually shown to be most effective for spotting repetitive behaviour that highlights potential security infringements. We offer a comprehensive invigilation report and feedback for each individual learner with a indepth analysis of any suspected mal-practice.

Are we able to review the candidate footage afterwards?

All recordings are available to view in your account 1 hour after the end of the examination. The recording are logged against the learners mark sheet and results page for and quality assurance practices that need to be carried out. Once final decisions have been made and adequate time to QA all recordings are removed.

Our exams are on paper, can you help us transfer our exams on-screen?

Yes, we can provide a secure location  to transfer the exam papers to EDExams. We will then assist with converting the documents into on-screen exams. The initial creation of the exam papers are done by the EDExams team as part of your on boarding package. 

For further information regarding the range of solutions EDExams can offer please email or give us a call on 01909 776909

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