Psychometric Employment Tests

Psychometric Employment Tests

Better hires. Better careers. Backed by science.

Features to improve the speed and quality of your hiring process

Scientific testing

Test the correct indicators for job performance with our on-line assessment that combines 5 different tests.

4 Cognitive tests

  • Numerical
  • Verbal
  • Logical
  • Attention to detail

Psychometric test

Results you can understand

Act on results with an easy-to-understand assessment breakdown of cognitive abilities and personality. 

  • Assessment scoring
  • Candidate average score comparison
  • Personality score breakdown
  1. Teamwork score
  2. Work style score
  3. Social skills score
  4. Match candidates to job and company requirements

Online proctoring

Increase confidence knowing EDExams will (optionally) monitor the candidate via webcam during the assessment, limiting cheating.

Capture short video clips

Verify candidate is the test taker

Make hiring easy, effective and fast in 5 steps

Define the job role

Assess candidates

Conduct meaningful interviews

Chose based on fit

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