Always Amazing and Humbling To Receive This Kind Of Feedback


Please give feedback on the below questions?

  1. Set up and installation
  2. Downloading and uploading exams
  3. Support and customer service from EDExams

Many thanks for your honest feedback



  1. The set up and installation was straight forward.  Sue gave me instructions on what information she required and I passed on the details to our ICT support company.  When they were less than forthcoming, Sue intervened and sent the necessary hardware via secure postage.  The application was then loaded onto two laptops in the classroom
  2. This is so easy once you have had the five minute demonstration that Sue gave us during her support visit.  It is really straightforward and intuitive.  You just need to ensure that you have all your codes ready for the students to enter when they sit their exam.
  3. Sue has been fantastic throughout our learning and implementation of NOCN online exams.  She has been down twice to Milton Keynes to introduce us to the software first of all, and then, she came down for the first online English exams that we offered to our students, and this was before 9am on a Monday morning!  When the timings set for the students were not fit for purpose, Sue intervened and helped a couple of truly grateful students have their complete allotted time.  I cannot praise Sue highly enough for the support and customer service she has given to our centre.Thank you Sue!
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