A solution to digitalise your Examinations

EDExams is your Solution

EDExams allow you to digitise your entire examination delivery process and assessment procedures. The platform allows:

What the platform allows

Our solutions via our secure desktop application enable:

Locked-down browser - During an exam, the participant’s browser will be locked-down. This will prevent them from accessing any other website on the browser until their exam is completed.

Offline exams - We offer the facility of secure offline exams for any educational or training provider. Everything is remotely downloaded onto a platform locally so each learner has a unique log in precise for a certain computer within a certain time frame

No copy or pasting - Participants will be blocked from copy/pasting anything whilst an exam is taking place. This will ensure that everything entered is their own work.

Anonymised answers - Markers will have no information about who has submitted an answer, putting an end to biased marking.

On-screen timer - Candidates can clearly see how much time they have remaining throughout the exam.

Autosave - All of the candidate's answers will automatically save as they progress through the exam.

Varied question types - EDExams feature multiple question types to test candidate's skills. These question types include multiple-choice, free text and a graph creator.

No cheating - EDExams has multiple anti-cheating features including locking the browser so that candidates cannot view other websites.

Customizable layouts - The appearance can be changed to suit the candidate’s reading requirements. Candidates can adjust the background colour, text colour, and font and text size.


The user experience of our system for learners is something we have looked at extensively.  After all, learners need to find the system easy to operate in order to benefit from it. The features of the learner view:

  • The layout is clear and concise
  • Numerous question types for a range of questions
  • Different pop-up tools can aid the learners in answering questions.
  • A clear on-screen timer that starts as soon as the learner starts the exam paper
  • The answers automatically save as the learner progresses through the exam


Staff, teachers, administrators, quality assurers and learners will receive feedback. You will receive a comprehensive breakdown of every answer with: 

  • Graphs
  • Reports
  • Tracking
  • Live feeds

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