Edexams is an all in one secure locked down platform where we have taken the idea of an examination and developed a unique, safe and secure platform with the candidate in mind.

In everything that we do at EDExams we are responsive, friendly, focused and flexible in our approach. We are ground breaking in our innovation and believe that education is open to all. 

EDExams was originally developed in August 2015 after one of the UK's top educational awarding bodies expressed a need for an online functional skills examination platform.

EDExams is an all in one online platform that allows you to create and deliver your own examinations for multiple market areas. 

Business Manager - Sue Bridgeman 

Contact Number 01709 776 909

Mobile 07500 530 538

Email Sue@edexams.com 

Business Support - Kira

Contact NUmber 01709 776 909

Email kira@edexams.com


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