Candidate Help With Windows Computers

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Please watch the below video on how to download the application onto a Windows 10 machine.

Download the EDExams app

To successfully complete your exam using the EDExams application, your device must comply with our specifications below:

Windows PC

  • Windows 10
  • Working webcam 
  • Working microphone 

To check that your webcam is working, click here.

To check that your microphone is working, click here.

Internet Speed

During your exam, you will be live invigilated by our team of invigilators, which means that your wifi must be strong enough to keep a constant stream with our servers. 

We require at least 3 Mbps for both upload and download speed.

To test your wifi speed, click here.

Devices that cannot be used:

  • Mobile Phones 
  • iPads/Tablets 
  • Computers set in 'S' Mode
  • Chromebooks/Notebooks/Thinkpads/Vivobooks/Surface Pro's etc. (these types of computers will still look like a typical laptop, not necessarily a tablet/small PC)
  • PC's using more than one monitor

As the EDExams app is designed to lock down your PC whilst you sit your exam, there are some factors that could prevent you from sitting your exam:

  • Security settings on your WIFI (this usually includes work servers)
  • Security settings within the computer itself 
  • Computers used for work purposes/provided by work/college/schools etc. 
  • Mobile hotspots (these cannot guarantee a consistent connection, which may cause your exam to stop midway)
  • Remote desktops 
  • Admin restrictions 
  • High-security anti-virus software. 

Download the EDExams app

If you have any queries or would like help downloading the EDExams app, please contact us as soon as possible before your exam.

If you are experiencing any issues with downloading the app please click here for the instructions

Support Button

To download the application please go to

If you need any assistance or have any questions please use the website chat box where a member of staff is waiting to help.

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