Exams for Schools

School Exams

EDExams enables you to build your own:

  • secure, digital and online exams for your organisation with EDExams
  • exam, testing and assessment platform that are securely invigilated and proctored live for your organisation
  • awareness exams, tests and assessments for visitors or site workers that are securely invigilated and proctored live for your organisation, sites and workforce
  • e-assessment and testing online

Tailor made Exams

We offer a secure exam platform for schools and colleges that requires secure examinations in an online format for:

  • Mock exams
  • Modular exams
  • Teacher assessed grades
  • Revision for exam-style questions
  • Entry exams
  • 11+ exams
  • Baseline testing

EDExams is perfect for use within schools that require the use of secure exams for revision purposes.

After exams have taken place, you can take advantage of our exam marking service or mark them in-house. 

There is detailed feedback available for each candidate is provided.

Getting Started

Getting started is simple: 

  • simply send us your exam papers 
  • we will place them.
  • everything can be recorded, invigilated and proctored

Assessment and Baseline Testing

You can also use our baseline test platform as EDExams enables you to create your own exams, tests and assessments using a range of question types which can be assigned to your own markers or automatically marked using multiple-choice questions.

We offer robust baseline assessments, including those used for diagnostic purposes, which can provide a useful picture of what a student knows or can do at a certain point in time, as well as gaps in their learning. Without a good baseline assessment – a strong starting point – it is impossible to measure progress well: if you don’t know where someone started, knowing whether their endpoint represents ‘good progress’ or not is not feasible. Baseline assessments should have a clearly-defined function in a school’s assessment schedule.

EDExams can offer a standardised baseline test for all pupils either marked by ourselves or your teaching staff. The diagnostic information generated from the assessment is concise and identifies gaps in knowledge and understanding allowing decisions to be made regarding future teaching needs.

Create your own exams

Our platform enables you to create your own exams, tests and assessment procedures using a range of question types which can be assigned to your own markers or automatically marked.

EDExams can be tailored for any type of:

  • Learner
  • Exam
  • Subject
  • Specification
  • Module
  • Topic

By being able to tailor our exam platform for your needs, you can focus the learner’s attention to detail for each question, prepare them for a final exam; and most importantly allow them to practice exam techniques under relaxed or specific exam style regulations. 


Staff, tutors, administrators and learners will receive feedback from the examiners.

You will receive a comprehensive breakdown of every answer with:

  • Graphs
  • Reports
  • Tracking
  • Live feeds
  • Statistics
  • Individual or cohort 

Download the EDExams app

Getting started is simple: 

  • simply send us your exam papers 
  • we will place them on
  • everything can be recorded, invigilated and proctored


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