Functional Skills & ESOL Exams

Functional Skills

EDExams was developed in August 2015 after one of the UK’s top educational awarding bodies expressed a need for a secure functional skills exam platform. 

Our exam system gives candidates the best possible environment to sit their functional skills exams and equips learners with the skills and confidence to apply, combine and adapt their Mathematics and English knowledge to new situations in their life and work. EDExams allow invigilation and proctoring for your functional skills candidates to take place for anyone, anytime and anywhere and it eliminates the need for you to travel to an exam centre. Our locked-down app can be white labelled and used for any educational establishment, awarding body for functional skill delivery. With EDExams enable any candidates to compete in their functional skills exams at a time that suits you and them, 24/7.

Tailor made Exams

EDExams can offer functional skills flexible, on-demand, digital, live, secure and online proctored exams with invigilation for 

  • Initial assessment and testing
  • diagnostic tests
  • practice exams
  • modular exams
  • topic exams

Our functional skills platform and exams have a locked-down screen and live capturing software for proctored and invigilated exams that limit academic vernaculars with our online exam platform.

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Our marking features: 

  • Fast efficient marking.
  • Easy-to-use layout.
  • A sophisticated marking system.
  • Anonymised answers - putting an end to biased marking.
  • You can mark exam papers individually or in bulk.
  • Email alerts.
  • Model answers are provided for each question.
  • Proven to reduce paperwork and speed up the marking process.
  • Answers are grouped by question to allow for quick marking.
  • Incorporates speed, precision and control to allow you to mark whole exam sittings as quickly and accurately as possible

EDExams can be tailored for any type of:

  • Learner
  • Exam
  • Subject
  • Specification
  • Module
  • Topic

By being able to tailor our exam platform for your needs, you can focus the learner’s attention to detail for each question; prepare them for a final exam, and most importantly allow them to practice exam techniques under relaxed or specific exam-style regulations. 


Staff, teachers, administrators and learners will receive feedback from the examiners.

You will receive a comprehensive breakdown of every answer with:

  • Graphs
  • Reports
  • Tracking
  • Live feeds
  • Statistics
  • Individual or cohort 

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