Online invigilation 

Online invigilation (sometimes referred to as remote proctoring) is the observation of a candidate through audio and visual links over the internet whilst conducting their examination, meaning candidates can securely sit their exam in a convenient location such as the home or workplace, without the risk of malpractice or compromising item security.

We provide an online invigilator who supervises a test-taker using the webcam and audio built into the test taker's computer. The proctor confirms the test taker’s identity and can pause or terminate the assessment if they see suspicious behaviour.

Our invigilation team enables assessments to be taken from home or office, removing the need to travel to a test center, without compromising on security. Such proctored tests are widely used in certification programs.

Our process

EDExams offers trained invigilators to invigilate all your company's exams. Following strict invigilation protocols and quality assurance, the service allows for a seamless proctoring service.

Invigilation within EDExams

EDExams offers two types of invigilation:

1. Live invigilation for examinations and assessments for a single learner or a cohort of learners. We offer a comprehensive invigilation report and feedback for each individual learner with an in-depth analysis of any suspected malpractice.

2. Record and review, Record and review allow EDExams to watch recordings of exams taken through the EDEXams invigilation service at a range of speeds, and mark suspicious activity for a detailed review by senior examiners. We recommend playing back exams at around 6X speed, as this has actually shown to be most effective for spotting repetitive behaviour that highlights potential security infringements. We offer a comprehensive invigilation report and feedback for each individual learner with an in-depth analysis of any suspected malpractice.

All EDExams invigilators have experienced professionals in the exam delivery sector, following JCQ guidelines and processes. 

EDExams uses Application Program Interface (API) technology to request permission to the user’s webcam for the purposes of verifying their identity and validating that they were paying attention during the examination or assessment. At the start of the process, the system will request that the candidate present their photo identification and their webcam. An image of the photo identification is digitally stored in an encrypted format and only used to verify the user’s identity, once verified, the encrypted image file is permanently purged from the database entirely. 

A full and comprehensive invigilation report is given back to the organisation on each candidate including any issues during the examination. Examinations are flagged by the invigilators if further action needs to be taken.

For a demo of the EDExams system or if you have any further questions please click here or contact or call 01909 384 090

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